oh that ask bobie got reminded me i was gonna go on a tirade about this but ARTISTS ARE JUST…..NORMAL PEOPLE i used to not get this when i was completely new to the Wide World of Blogging and im still kind of intimidated and amazed when i talk to an artist i really admire and they respond or when they follow me but

your favourite artist in the whole world or just on tumblr is a person just like you which means that sometimes they are awkward and sometimes you are not meant to be the best of friends! even if they are crapping out perfect works of art every ten minutes, when it comes to socializing focus on the crapping part. your favourite artist ever pooped today. they peed right in a toilet too. they probably did something embarrassing in public and they sat down at some point and updated their blog!!!!!! THEY ARE LIKE YOU. you might be open to talking to everyone but some people just arent as easy to connect to and it is the same for them!!! artists arent only friends with talented artists or writers or musicians either. maybe you just see them reblog or talk about their other artist friends more because they posted their art!! WHO KNOWS.

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Posted On: Sun, Sep. 11, 2011
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